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    I’m new in this tools. Would like to know if you can help me with my problem. I’m planning to encrypted some of my data ( Emp name, Salary, etc ) and save this in SQL server table as encrypted text ( using xceed encryption). When authenticate user have the right to open. The Xceed encrypting tool will decrypted all the code that has been done before. One trick that not really know for me is how you doing this in web ( VB code ) . Any of the sample will be highly appreciate.
    Thank you and looking forward for your reply!


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    First, you need to reference to the ActiveX component. Visual Studio should automatically create a Interop.XceedEncryptionLib.dll. Later, when you deploy, you just need to remember to register (regsvr32) the ActiveX component on the deployment machine as well as including the .NET Interop .dll referencing to it.

    After you can take the code from any of the <a href=””>examples</a> and it should work directly.

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