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Odi [Xceed]
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>>(I know)

Yeah. As a small reminder, it took our initial team many thousands of hours to write even the first version of this Xceed Grid for .NET. And we had “robustness” a much higher priority than “feature-rich”. I can’t believe writing your own is going to solve anything. The great thing about having a company like Xceed behind a product is that we’re here to solve any issues you find, and you don’t have to do the work if you find any. The Microsoft grids have issues too, and with those, you won’t get a bug fix in any timely manner.

My suggestion is to simply submit this to support@xceedsoft.com, and see how long it takes them to solve it or to provide a workaround.

Xceed Grid for .NET is used by Microsoft in Office Accounting Professional 2007 and they have a rock-solid app. When they tested it and found issues, those issues were submitted to us and we fixed them. Our Grid team has a great track record for fixing issues…


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