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One thing I found with help from the Xceed team is you can programatically force the SmartUI to use the Classic skins in the UI. It’s kind of ugly and doesn’t really fit with the Vista skins, but at least it works.

Another thing is to change the font colors. For some reason if you use the default “ControlText”, it won’t display.

I just forced the UI to use a set color, and it came through on Vista. Here is the code I used where “outMain” is the SmartExplorerTaskPane.

‘Set the ClassicView of the UI for Vista Compatibility
Me.outMain.UIStyleResourceAssembly = Nothing
Me.outMain.UIStyle = Xceed.SmartUI.UIStyle.UIStyle.WindowsClassic

‘Declare Count Variables
Dim iGroupCount As Integer
Dim iTaskCount As Integer

‘Set The Font Color For the SmartUI
‘Set The Group Text Color
For iGroupCount = 0 To outMain.Items.Count – 1
outMain.Items.Item(iGroupCount).ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue

‘Set The Task Color
For iTaskCount = 0 To outMain.Items.Item(iGroupCount).Items.Count – 1
outMain.Items.Item(iGroupCount).Items.Item(iTaskCount).ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue


Catch ex As Exception
‘Do nothing, I don’t want to throw an error
End Try

Also see <a href=”http://doc.xceedsoft.com/products/smartuiNet/doc/sources/styles.htm”>http://doc.xceedsoft.com/products/smartuiNet/doc/sources/styles.htm</a&gt;

Hope this helps!

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