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Ok it works fine! Thx !

Now i want to put this WinComboBox in a grid like this :

Dim cboIcon As New Xceed.Editors.WinComboBox
Dim col As Xceed.Grid.Column = New Xceed.Grid.Column(“Icon”, GetType(Bitmap))
Dim NewRow As Xceed.Grid.DataRow
NewRow = cboIcon.DropDownControl.DataRows.AddNew()
NewRow.Cells(0).Value = Icon1
NewRow = cboIcon.DropDownControl.DataRows.AddNew()
NewRow.Cells(0).Value = Icon2

Dim cboIconEditor As New ComboBoxEditor(cboIcon)
cboIconEditor.TemplateControl.DisplayFormat = “%Icon%”
MyRow.Cells(“ColIcon”).CellEditorManager = cboIconEditor
MyRow.Cells(“ColIcon”).CellViewerManager = New Xceed.Grid.Viewers.ComboBoxViewer(cboIcon)

AddHandler cboIcon.SelectedValueChanged, AddressOf CboIcon_SelectedValueChanged

My WinComboBox appears in my cell but when i change the selectedvalue, the string “%Icon%” appears too and not the selected bitmap.

Can you tell me how can i put the bitmap in my cell after the selectedvalueChanged event ?

Thx again.

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