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I am having some related problems making the StatusStrip & Xceed.Chart.ChartToolbarControl &/or ToolStrip’s be always visible in an SDI window. The ClientHost is set to Xceed.Chart.ChartControl and the DockHost is the main SDI form. Basically I can’t seem to make the ClientHost or its ToolWindows’s respect the ToolStrip or StatusBar: They always Hide all or part of each. I have tried the suggestions above (I think – its not 100% explanation to me, perhaps) and have also tried various Panel layouts with ClientHost/DockHost that appear to look good when in the designer but then fail at runtime.

The Docking examples do not seem to have a SDI with StatusStrip and ToolStrip and searching the Docking help does not turn up any comments.

Could some example code be posted of using docking with SDI + ToolStrip and StatusStrip? Any help appreciated, thanks!

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