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When using “adorner” controls such as a MenuBar or a StatusBar, you need to use 2 different panels for DockHost and ClientHost.

For example, you might have :

FormMain <– Used as the DockHost
smartMenuBar1 <– DockStyle.Top
myDockedContainer1 <– DockStyle.Fill, used as the ClientHost

You would need to add one panel as a child of myDockedContainer1 and designate the DockHost and ClientHost like this:

myDockedContainer1 <– DockStyle.Fill, used as the DockHost
myDockedContainer2 <– Used as the ClientHost
smartMenuBar1 <– DockStyle.Top

Also, note that you will need to do a “Bring to front” on myDockedContainer1 to have it positioned below the smartMenuBar1 instead of under it. (this is the way Windows Forms layouts controls according to their Dock property)

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