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Odi [Xceed]
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To answer this question, I’d take most, if not all the points listed <a href=”http://www.xceedsoft.com/products/GridNet/Top10Reasons.aspx”>here</a&gt; which discuss Xceed Grid for .NET versus the new Visual Studio .NET 2005 DataGridView control, and apply them to the new Office 2003-like controls. In addition to those types of advantages, where it concerns the Office 2003-like controls, Xceed includes quite a few more controls than only Menus, Toolbars & Status bars (which by the way have a design-time experience amazingly similar to Xceed’s unique SmartUI method, and also adopt Xceed’s unique “add any subitem type to any control” capability – how flattering), so you have controls for more situations as they arise.

I won’t list all benefits here (we have a feature list for each control) but there’s one in particular that I’ll mention, to give you an idea of some of our advances. Our editor controls have an amazingly modular design, which is found nowhere else. Take our combo box – you can drag it onto a form, then drag a button right into the combo box and presto – you have a combo box with two buttons, which can drop-down or pop-up anything. Without any code, you can have it pop up a panel containing any controls. It can become a multi-column combo as needed, without any additional code, and offers all the power of Xceed Grid for .NET if you need it, so you can even group your combo-box items, make them editable – anything.

Its all about achieving more with your time 🙂

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