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If I call DockTo outside of the SuspendLayout()/BeginUpdate() I receive the events correctly, but there is another bug that I can’t find a workaround for.

The ActiveWindowChanged event works when switching between the tabs of grouped toolwindows, but if you switch focus to another application, and then switch back to this application, the ActiveWindowChanged Event fires pointing to the wrong ToolWindow.

Does anyone know a workaround? This is a frustrating bug.

Simple example:

public Form1()


ToolWindow tw1 = new ToolWindow(new Panel(), “Tool1”);
tw1.Text = “Tool1”;
ToolWindow tw2 = new ToolWindow(new Panel(), “Tool2”);
tw2.Text = “Tool2”;

dockLayoutManager1.ActiveToolWindowChanged += new EventHandler(dockLayoutManager1_ActiveToolWindowChanged);


tw1.DockTo(DockTargetHost.DockHost, DockPosition.Left);
tw2.DockTo(tw1, DockPosition.Group);

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