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Further update….

I have got part of the way and am able to start my application with a single toolwindow, however there are two issues:

1. The MDI child windows are actually behind the toolwindow tab, therefore obscuring part of the child window.

2. When I close the application I receive the exception “The layout being removed is not part of the group”. Is this because I have not declared a Vertical or Horizontal group in my layout file? When I do this, it requires at least two elements (Xceed – is there a reason for this limitation?). As a result of this problem on closing, it is not possible to save the layout.

Can anyone offer any suggestions to solve either of these issues? Following is what I currently have in my XML layout file:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<ToolWindow key=”MenuTool” state=”AutoHide” visible=”True” />
<DockHost width=”1345″ height=”947″>
<ToolWindow key=”MenuTool” width=”288″ height=”947″ />
<FloatingWindows />



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