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I don’t have C# installed, but I did convert that sample over to VB .NET and the separator appeared just fine in between the two text menu items.

I put it in C# for you below:

Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.MenuItem item1 = new Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.MenuItem( “Copy” );
Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.MenuItem item2 = new Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.MenuItem( “Paste” );
Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.MenuItem item3 = new Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.SeparatorMenuItem;

dropDownMenu.Items.Add( item1 );
dropDownMenu.Items.Add( item3 );
dropDownMenu.Items.Add( item2 );

In VB .NET you could do it like this (for the sample):

dropDownMenu.Items.Add(New Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.MenuItem(“Copy”))
dropDownMenu.Items.Add(New Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.SeparatorMenuItem)
dropDownMenu.Items.Add(New Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.MenuItem(“Paste”))

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