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Thanks Jenny, here’s what I received from support this morning:

There is an issue with our latest XceedComponents.exe package. It does not install into the Global Assembly Cache the Xceed Smart UI for .NET dlls. We will fix this issue and release a new component package. In the mean time, you can add yourself the dlls to the GAC.

Here are the needed steps to add them to the GAC:

1. Start->Control Panels->Administrative tools->Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration.

2. Click on “Manage the assembly cache”

3. Click on “Add an assembly to the assembly cache”

4. Add Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.dll, Xceed.SmartUI.Design.dll, Xceed.SmartUI.dll and Xceed.SmartUI.UIStyle.dll.

5. Close Visual Studio and open it back.

You should now be able to use Xceed Smart UI for .NET.

I apologize for any inconveniance this may have caused you.

Hope you guys get this fixed in the next release…

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