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One of the main reasons I choose to use SmartUI is the XP “emulation”. Very cool feature since the majority of our user base isn’t using XP.

In order of personal priority…

Tab Control — tabs at top, left, right and bottom; XP “emulation” when a tab is selected/highlighted.

Button — XP “emulation” to get that soft orange glow. 🙂

Combo Box — A competitor, SharpLibary.com, offers a great array of combo box options. Font DropDown, Color DropDown, Checkbox Dropdown, “My Computer” with Drives Dropdown. The reason I’m not using their product is no 98/ME support.

Like previous poster…. Free form placement of option controls, again with XP look.

I’d like a tool that could recreate the main portion of the XP Control Panel. At the top of the control you have an icon and description… Then “Pick a task…” with several task options… Then below that a place to put several “large” icons in row going across.

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