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One thing we really need is the Property Toolbox that was in 2.0.

It was a major feature that we used on our activeX app, but now moving to .NET we need to come up with some way of faking it. I’m considering using the taskpane, but I can’t control the spacing (for alignment of textboxes, combos, etc.) and I can’t add a button after a text box to provide any kind of dialog, especially a network dialog.

<b>~TAB STRIPS~</b>
None of our users, and no one I know for that matter, is a big fan of the OfficeXP tab style. A nicely malleable TabStrip control similar to the one found in SUI2.0 is so incredibly useful that I can’t even put it into words. Because this is no longer included, I’m now looking at Infragistics version… which I really didn’t want to have to do. If XCeedSoft could be my one-stop GUI control shop, the world would be a better place!

Manipulating windows controls to get the WinXP look (orange hover, green check, etc.) is a royal pain and often does not look quite right. The options controls provided look perfect, but they are not free-form placement.

Also, having individual buttons would be really nice. As it is, I have to fake that as well by creating a new Toolbar for each button I want to use. Since this method works fairly well, it doesn’t seem as high a priority.

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