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Diane [Xceed]
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Hi Peter,

These are community forums, not support forums. While we do try to provide answers, we are not always able to do so, as we have to answer the support requests from clients with an active support subscription first.

If the email for the forum user and the one we have on file for their support subscription matches, then our system will automatically generate a support ticket, which is why some forum threads get a quick reply (they are treated the same as a priority email).

If you have an active support subscription, then the email for your forum account does not match. Also, we recommend that you send your questions by email instead to make sure to take advantage of the faster response time (usually within 1 business day), as indicated in our automated emails when you purchase any of our products or when updated license keys are sent to you.

Having said that, I should have time to look at your request later today. Please send me your test project that demonstrates what you have tried so far, as well as the license key you are currently using to unlock the component. Please send these by email to support@xceed.com to my attention. Thank you.


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