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Diane [Xceed]
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Hi Ken,

I did a quick test using the Master/Detail sample we provide. I commented out all the lines for the 2nd detail level, then changed the master level to be “Orders” and the 1st detail level to be “Orders.OrdersOrderDetails”. You also need to play around with which columns are added to the template and comment out a few lines that were specific to the original example, but in the end it worked fine for me.

If you are still having issues, you can send me the test project you are working on and I will take a look at it. Please send it by email at support@xceed.com and include a link to this forum thread as reference. Thank you.

As an extra, I found the following article which gives a nice overview and includes screen shots of the schema diagrams (both for the MDB and the SQL versions):

As for the source code for the SampleData DLL, it is not something that we offer. It is simply a wrapper with a constructor to give you a DataSet object, after that it’s the normal content with the Tables and Relations, etc. We don’t do anything special with it.


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