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Thanks, that helps.


I found a copy of the database but I don’t know if it the same as used in the example.

I’m trying to create a Master/Detail grid from this database using the Orders and Order Details tables.

Looking at the version of the database I have, the Orders table has a  relation to the Order Details table.

However, it’s unclear to me how the naming works. In the example, the detail grid is bound to “Shippers.ShippersOrders”.

This looks like the naming is TableName.RelationTable+RelatedTable. So for my test, I used the name “Orders.OrdersOrder Details”.

But I get the “Child list for field OrdersOrder Details cannot be created.” error. I tried removing the space but got the same error (without the space).

Can you see what I’m doing wrong (or what the name mapping is)? 


Also, it would be real helpful to see the sources for the DLL you created to package the database. Any chance of this being published?

Thanks again

Ken Gilbert 

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