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The data sample I sent to you was exactly what is going to be received for consumption by the grid. Changing the sample data does not resolve the issue.

To give you a bit more of an idea of what needs to be done, I have attached an Excel worksheet with a sample of the actual  ExchangeRates structure with the data anonymized.

The key value for each facility linking to the ExchangeRates structure is the ExchangeSetName. Just happens to be a String and not an integer value. Each ExchangeSetName has N number of RateDescriptors describing the value contained in the Rate column.

The user is being shown the RateDescriptor values in the combo box that are available for each facilities ExchangeSetName. After the selection of the desired RateDescriptor by the user, a currency conversion process will take place using the Rate value for the selected RateDescriptor within the facilities ExchangeSetName.

I hope this helps because we can not change the data to make the ComboBox work in the grid.


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