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Hi Kunal,

I have created a method that returns the total number of rows that is available on screen. The GetNumberOfRowsInGrid will return the total number of rows available on screen. In the first part of my code, you can place the DataRows inside a collection.



int FirstVisibleRowIndex = gridControl1.DataRows.IndexOf(this.gridControl1.FirstVisibleRow as Xceed.Grid.DataRow);
BindingList<Xceed.Grid.DataRow> VisibleRows = new BindingList<Xceed.Grid.DataRow>();
for (int i = 0; i < GetNumberOfRowsInGrid(); i++)

private int GetNumberOfRowsInGrid()
     int RowHeight = this.gridControl1.DataRowTemplate.Height;
     int RectangleHeight = (this.gridControl1.DisplayRectangle.Height – (this.groupByRow1.Height + this.columnManagerRow1.Height));

     return (RectangleHeight / RowHeight);


I hope this helps 🙂

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