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Hi Kai,

To achieve the behavior you want, you must treat the CellViewManager and the CellEditorManager differently. I have edited your code to fit your needs.


Public Sub CreateTestGrid()
        Dim NewCol As New Xceed.Grid.Column(“Test”, GetType(Date))

        Dim FormatDateComponent As New System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo
        FormatDateComponent.ShortDatePattern = “MMM yyyy”

        NewCol = New Xceed.Grid.Column(“Test2”, GetType(Date))
        Dim dtpEditor As New DateTimePicker
        dtpEditor.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom
        dtpEditor.CustomFormat = “MMM yyyy”
        Dim dtpViewer As New DateTimePicker
        dtpViewer.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom

        dtpViewer.CustomFormat = “MMM yyyy”

        Dim dateEditor As New DateEditor()

        NewCol.CellEditorManager = New CellEditorManager(dtpEditor, “Value”, True, True)

        NewCol.FormatSpecifier = “d”
        NewCol.FormatProvider = FormatDateComponent


        Dim Row As Xceed.Grid.DataRow
        Row = GridControl1.DataRows.AddNew()
        Row.Cells(0).Value = Now
        Row.Cells(1).Value = Now
    End Sub


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