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OK, I have resolved most of this. I hadn’t realised you need to set a ComboBoxViewerManager as well as the Editor…would have been useful if the doc’s made this a bit clearer: http://doc.xceedsoft.com/products/Xceedgrid/ComboBoxEditor.html doesn’t mention this.

I am now having to set both of these in the CurrentCellChanged event, rather than the Activating event which stops being fired once the data has been bounded strangely.


I still have a problem though: I need to set the displayed value of the cell to be a value set from a string, before the user clicks on the cell and thus picks something from the combobox. I tried doing this:

currentRow.Cells[“MyColumn”].Value = “Something”; 

But this prevents the combo from ever appearing if the user clicks on the cell.

How do I set the display value from just a string? This must be done from outside the GUI events, so not on Activating, CurrentCellChanged etc.



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