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Hi Morgan,

Find next an implementation of LinkLabel as CellViewerManager in the Xceed Grid for .NET:

LinkLabel label = new LinkLabel();

            starterGrid.Columns[ “ProductName” ].CellViewerManager = new CellViewerManager( label, “Text” );

            starterGrid.Columns[ “ProductName” ].ReadOnly = true;

starterGrid.DataRowTemplate.Cells[ “ProductName” ].Click += new EventHandler( StarterGrid_Click );

void StarterGrid_Click( object sender, EventArgs e )


            DataCell cell = sender as DataCell;



            if( cell.CellViewerManager.Control.GetType() == typeof( LinkLabel ) )


                LinkLabel label = cell.CellViewerManager.Control as LinkLabel;

                // Specify that the link was visited.

                label.LinkVisited = true;

                // Navigate to a URL.

                System.Diagnostics.Process.Start( http://www.xceed.com” );




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