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Ok, I found the solution to my first problem. The idea is to use the custom row selector in the custom spacer row of the details grid. And this can be done in the initialization of the details grid:


MyDetailGrid detail = new MyDetailGrid(new CustomDetailGridMargin(),
                new CustomSpacerRow(rowSelector1), new CustomSpacerRow(rowSelector2), new CustomFixedColumnSplitter());



 RowSelector rowSelector1 = (RowSelector)Activator.CreateInstance(rowSelectorType);
 RowSelector rowSelector2 = (RowSelector)Activator.CreateInstance(rowSelectorType);

 or simply :


 RowSelector rowSelector1 = new CustomRowSelector();
 RowSelector rowSelector2 = new CustomRowSelector();


Regarding the second issue, the +/- icons skinning, it seems it can’t be done: http://xceed.com/CS/forums/thread/3268.aspx


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