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My left handed users change the button configuration in the mouse dialog of the control panel. There’s a check box that says “Switch primary and secondary buttons”. Checking that makes the right button the default.

Check that box so your right button is the default click. Open the Rich cell editors example and, using the right button, click on one of the controls that should cause a drop down (multi-line text box, complex combobox, multicolumn Combobox, Simple Combobox, Auto-completeing Combobox…).

 Click on the drop down command button. When I do, the command button depresses like it’s been clicked but no click event fires and the control doesn’t drop. If I then click using the left mouse button, the click again with the right button, the control drops and that instance of the drop-down works. If I click on one of the other rows (again, using the right mouse button), no drop down occurs (until I use the left button again).

I’ve also noticed that once the right mouse button gets in this “mode”, for lack of a better term, no other windows respond to the right button either. For example: I have outlook under the Xceed Grid Live Explorer. Clicking outlook’s title bar with the right button doesn’t bring that app forward. If I left click the title bar then right click, outlook comes forward and the right mouse button behaves like I expect.

It appears as if the grid somehow goofs the click messages for windows. They either don’t fire or they are being interpreted as some other message. Left clicking clears up whatever that issue is. This only occurs when I start clicking in the grid. Until then, all the other apps respond correctly to the default/non default mouse buttons (i.e. right button click).

Does that explanation help any? I’ll be glad to send you a project showing the problematic behavior. Since I’m having this issue with your sample apps, will that help? 

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