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All of Microsoft employees share the Vanguard subscription bought by Microsoft since it’s license site.  This means that you should always address your question to priority@xceed.com .  Actually, I can see that you sent your question (at priority@xceed.com) on Tue, 28 Jul 2009 16:18:43.  You got your response on Wed, 29 Jul 2009 11:37:13.

If, as a Vanguard user, you decide to use the forums to ask a question, you should always send a notification at priority@xceed.com referring to the thread you have created.  Otherwise, the forum posts are answered as soon as we have some spare time (so to speak, because we don’t really have any). 

To this day, the forums are still not linked to our CRM (Custormer Relationship Management) so it makes it impossible for us to know who is Vanguard on the forums and who is not.  This is supposed to change in the (not so distant) future but we are not there yet. 

This being said, the answer to your original question is:

      foreach (Row row in gridControl1.FixedHeaderRows)
        if (row is ColumnManagerRow)
          foreach (Cell cell in (row as ColumnManagerRow).Cells)
            cell.ParentColumn.Width = cell.GetFittedWidth();

This is not what I have sent you.  (A GroupByRow row could be at index 0 of the FixedHeaderRows.)   You should use this version.

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