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even with virtualization, each row takes a few bytes of memory.  I was able to create a 10,000-column x 10,000-row grid but I pratically ran out of memory (physical + virtual), but I had a lot of VS2008 running at the same time (10 or 11), which doesn’t help.  And I also only had 2 GB of RAM at the time I was writing this. 

In pure theory, the maximum number of columns in a grid is MAXINT.  (2^31-1 = 2147483647)  One of the Grid lead developers just told me that as long as your have enough memory, you can easily have 1000 columns and possibly event 10000.

Ultimately, the largest possible Grid for .NET you can handle is only limited by your physical RAM.  

If you have that many columns, you probably want to consider breaking the table up into two or more smaller tables. Chances are there’s a fairly simple pattern to these columns where you can create a one-to-many relationship and reduce your schema to a manageable number of columns.


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