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Unfortenately, this task is not as straight forward as it may look.  You will need to launch the Grid for .NET documentation, normally located here:

Start -> Programs -> Xceed Components -> .NET Components -> Windows Forms -> Xceed Grid for .NET 3.8 -> Documentation

It this documentation, go to Task-Based Help, expand, go to Reporting, expand, read about “How to use GenerateReportForm (end-user form)” and “How to use CustomizeReportStyleForm (end-user form)”.

If I’m right (and I think I am), everything you need to know is contained in these two topics, i.e. how to redefine the ReportForm to your own needs.




This is not a solution to my problem.  I do not need to modify or add to the Report Styles listed in the generate report form.  I need to modify the Column Settings on the generate report form.  The documentation you pointed me to is for the report styles.  Please read my thread thoroughly before trying to answer my question.  Thanks.

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