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If you take the Reporting sample application, in the Grid for .NET samples folder, and you modify the line 291 to, for example :

this.gridControl1.Columns[“Discontinued”].ReportStyle.Visible = false;

just before the

using( GenerateReportForm generateReportForm = new GenerateReportForm( this.gridControl1, StylesFolder ) )



this );


is called, you will see that the checkbox for this column will be unchecked, so it is working fine.  The “Discontinued” column won’t appear on the report. 

“Visible” in “this.gridControl1.Columns[“Discontinued”

].ReportStyle.Visible = false;” refers to the column being Visible on the printed report, not on the GenerateReportForm.  If you want to REMOVE this column from the the report panel, this is another story and you have to follow the steps as described in my previous message. 

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