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1- it depends on the content of the cell.  If it is bound to a dataset, it is the column type in the dataset that sets this limit. 

2- it would be preferable to put a button to do a search in the database on the form hosting the grid rather than on the grid, except if the search is linked directly to the row, which means you would have one button per row, in this case.  Check this thread for an example: http://xceed.com/CS/forums/thread/20745.aspx

3- Not sure what you mean, here.  If you want to add a new DataRow to an empty grid, in VB.Net

Dim dataRow As DataRow

dataRow = GridControl1.DataRows.AddNew()

and then do what you want with dataRow, if you need to do something at this point.  If you don’t need to keep a reference, GridControl1.DataRows.AddNew() is enough.

4- Filling a cell containing an integer with 0 at the left is not possible.  You would have to use a string to store these integers”  This way, you could have leading zeros in the cell display. 

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