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Hey mate,

I am not using Grid FixedRowFooter with TExtRow in it or Header and Footers.

My reporting XmL Templates does have header and Footer information in them though.

Which we have fixed as it was going to infinite loops.

REason we do not use FixedRowFooters or headers is because FixedFooterRow should (to our requirements) stay static even if you scroll with grid, so instead we have a textBox Row under the Grid outside GridBoundaries so we manage it that way,

Now I haev tried all options you have suggested, and tried and replicated successfully everytime using XCEED Live Explorer – Printing – Reporting Samples. I tried debugging sample code as well and the result is exactly the same.

As soon as we go across three pages for the column headers it does remove headers and footers.

till then it is fine,

I cannot attach files on the forums so I will send you email with Forum subject and pictures and one PDF exported Files.

as we are heavily relying on this printing we need urgent fix or suggestion on fix so that we can achieve our deadlines.

I really appreciate your constant and immediate support so far and looking forward to get some solution from your end.

 thanks a lot.



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