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Hi André,

I tried  using Xceed.Grid.Reporting.dll and the result is still the same.

I am trying following code and it still does not let footer appear on each and every page after Page 3.

Ifollowing is my code using  Xceed.Grid.Reporing.dll

var generateReportForm = new GenerateReportForm( printGrid );
printGrid.ReportStyle.FixedFooterRow.RepeatOnEachPage = true;
generateReportForm.ShowInTaskbar = false;

and result is still the same. I am using v.3.2 Grid with Reporting Assembly version 3.2.6403.0.

Please let me know if there is anything else I could do or not?

I tried using your sample as well as the custom forms provided by sample but the result is exactly same no success there,

Data is Huge (8000 Rows with 32 Columns) few of them numbers, dates and long strings.

I noticed one thing, if I flick between  Layout from Span Across pages to Fit to Page it shows footer right in all scenarios for all templates.

but if it is Span Across pages then problem still exists.

Another thing to note is some of the templates are causing infinite looping to generate preview rest everything  works fine with them.


Please help me out here.


Thank you 




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