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hey mate,

I think André gave fantastic suggestion and dont want to argue on that, but I had major memory issue by doing that.

so I took different approach. 

I use XML to create ColumnManagerRow as following:

  <field cellName=”surname” displayName=”Surname” cellSize=”50″ dataType=”string” visitbleState=”true” displayOrder=”1″ alignment=”left” />



and then used custom methods to create columns in the grid.

This helped me a lot to reduce unnecessary data objects holding in the memory as well as I get to control what goes into grid and what not.

You can attach all your events design time and once you create TempalteDataRow use that to insert data with whichever format you want.

It basically allows you to design something really generic as well as managable.

Again, binding is not bad at all. this is just an alternative for someone to use.


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