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Hi Dana,

there is a way to do what you want to do and you will find an code example in the sample application “Rich cell editors”. 

Here is a reference to the sample application.


If you don’t already have the Xceed components installed, you can get them here: http://xceed.com/Downloads/Trial.aspx?lang=EN-CA&ProductMasterId=4265834d-d278-db11-9ed7-0015c5e239e6&CurrentURL=/Downloads/DownloadPackage.aspx

Once installed, in Programs -> Xceed Components -> .Net Components -> Windows Forms -> Xceed Grid for .Net 3.8

you will find the Samples Folder and the Xceed Grid Live Explorer.  The RichCellEditor folder is what you will want to explore.  The code that you will find useful is contained in the CreateCustomControls() method. 

In the Xceed Grid Live Explorer, if you select Rich Cell Editors, this custom control is named “Option Picker”.  When clicked, it drops the list of weekdays and it allows you to select as many as you want.

You just have to adapt this concept to your needs.



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