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Imagine you have two xceed grids, one at Left and one Right. Once you click on a row of left side it should show some related information on your right grid.

And both grids need to support sorting too, on Right Hand side grid sorting works well.

On Left side grid, Say, we are sorting using column 0.

Expectation : 1. Sort based on first column
              2. After sorting, it should select first row of left grid
              3. And it should automatically show related rows on Right Grid.

So I have coded it like this,

    //Hope this event will fire only after completion of sorting process of Left Grid
   private void gcDeliveryNote_Sorted(object sender, EventArgs e)
        //Since it is automatically selecting first row of left grid we can call filling
        //of second grid

Note: I thought at the time of firing above event all the sorting process is over..
But the problem is, Once I add “SelectInvoiceDetailsForInvoice()” as in above code, it will slow up the sorting process of Left Grid. if I comment that it is working good (but it is not listing related rows on right grid)

Hope my question is now more clear to you.. Awaiting for quick answer.

– Regards

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