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Hi Andre,

Iam working this method for .Net grid only .Iam getting vistastyle for mastergrid but unable to get for the detailgrid I tried by setting UIStyle to system but I couldnt get it .and the code is below

Public Sub VistaStyle() 

Dim activeSelectionGradientMap As New GradientMap()

Dim inactiveSelectionGradientMap As New GradientMap()

Dim columnManagerCellHotVisualStyle As New StatelessVisualGridElementStyle()

Dim columnManagerCellHotGradientMap As New GradientMap()

Dim columnManagerCellGradientMap As New GradientMap()


Dim rowSelectorGradientMap As GradientMap = CType(columnManagerCellGradientMap.Clone(), GradientMap)

Dim rowSelectorHotVisualStyle As New StatelessVisualGridElementStyle()

Dim rowSelectorHotGradientMap As GradientMap = CType(columnManagerCellHotGradientMap.Clone(), GradientMap)

Dim hotGradientMap As New GradientMap()

Dim hotVisualStyle As New StatelessVisualGridElementStyle()

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