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Now i use an own control instead of the ComboBoxEditor.



comboBox = new CFComboBox();

//comboBox.AutoSize = true;

//comboBox.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;

comboBox.DataSource = valuelist;

comboBox.DisplayMember =


comboBox.ValueMember =


pCellEditorManager =

new CellEditorManager(comboBox, “SelectedValue”, true, true);

pCellViewerManager =

new CellViewerManager(comboBox, “SelectedValue”);

Now the list is visible and filled in, the correct data is also preselected.
But when i change the data, the change doesnt stick, it just returns to the orginal value.


Value (int)                Description(string)
1                       Car1
2                       Car2
3                       Car3

The preselected value is 2 => in the combobox the text “Car2” is selected. When I change the value through the list from “Car2” to “Car3”, the cell stays on “Car2”

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