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In report formatting window, you get a text box with a label in front (“Title”) in a group box called “Report”, I think you can locate that.

I want to change the text on that text box before loading that window (later that will go as report header) becuase in same form I am going to she 2-3 data grids and offer printing report facility for them.

Now once I launch one window and change the content of that text box and  launch another report formatting window, I get previously entered text as my Report header.

Note : I can change the window title of that formatting window before loading, same way I need to do the same for “title” text box.

 Hope you got what I try to say. 

 – Regards

– Buddhi –

Note: since this site it not supporting image attachments, I feel it is hard to explain every senario in text, If you need any more clafication on what I am trying to ask please pass me your emails address. I can pass an image explaining situation.


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