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In this case, it is better to override the GroupManagerRow class, and repaint everything so it paints where you want when increasing the height of the row.  I have attached the overridden class to this post.  Once you’ve implemented it, you can use it in your project the following way :

    private void Form1_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
      gridControl1.GroupAdded += new GroupAddedEventHandler(gridControl1_GroupAdded);

    private void gridControl1_GroupAdded(object sender, GroupAddedEventArgs e)
      CustomGroupManagerRow customGroupManagerRow = new CustomGroupManagerRow();
      e.Group.HeaderRows.Add( customGroupManagerRow );

This way, whether you add a group in code or a user drags a column header in the GroupByRow, all the groups will use the custom GroupManagerRow.

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