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Diane [Xceed]
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You need to specify that you will be overriding the default UI Style, and you should also be adding the row to the fixed headers (you need to clear the default content and re-add your own, otherwise you will end up with 2 column manager rows) :

ColumnManagerRow columnManager = new ColumnManagerRow();

columnManager.OverrideUIStyle = true;columnManager.GradientMap.GradientStops.Add(

new GradientStop( 0, Color.SteelBlue ) );
new GradientStop( 0.5, Color.White ) );
new GradientStop( 1, Color.SteelBlue ) );

detailStrikes.FixedHeaderRows.Add(new GroupByRow() );
detailStrikes.FixedHeaderRows.Add( columnManager );

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