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I have to agree with you, I have also found this to be a point of contention since the user will at times edit a cell, and then with the mouse try to click the save button which for our application is not supposed to be enabled unless there are changes to be saved.  Well, since they did not hit enter or even if the click on another cell in the same row the changed even does not fire. and thus does not inform the control to enable itself.

I have also found that if the user clicks on a cell but does not cheang the value it still marks the row as changed in the dataset.  This was another behavior that I did not expect or like.  If the user does not change the value then it should remain unchanged in the bound dataset.  This caused several calls durring testing wher they complained that they were being prompted to save chages even though they only clicked on a cell. 

What will really bring this to light is if you use a combobox to edit the cell, just putting the cell into edit mode will cause the dataset status for that row to be set to changed.

 We Ended up handling Both the EnteringEdit and LeavingEdit to flag non data changing actions and cancelling the edit thus preserving the dataset status.

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