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Been playing around with this today and it is still puzzling me why the grid treats cells that are not fully in view differently to those that are.  Is this a bug?  When I click on a checkbox who’s cell is fully in view, it gets toggled successfully.  If I click on a checkbox who’s cell is part-clipped by the grid boundry, it gets centered but NOT toggled?

I have attached a click event handler to the check boxes of each cell and I can toggle the checkbox when this gets handle raised (both when fully in view and not) but now I cannot differentiate these two states – is there anyway to find out if a cell is clipped by the edge of the grid?  

If I could do this my code would look something like this (Parent:

 void checkbox_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
if (((WinCheckBox)sender).ParentCell.IsClippedByGridBoundry)
((WinCheckBox)sender).Checked = !((WinCheckBox)sender).Checked;

The only issue is I cannot find any differenciating properties between a clipped cell and a non-clipped cell.

Can anyone help? 

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