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The SwapRows(currentRow, previousRow); method taken from your grid samples looks like this:

private void SwapRows(CellRow one, CellRow two)


    for (int i = 0; i < one.Cells.Count; i++)


        object pivot = one.Cells[ i ].Value;

        one.Cells[ i ].Value = two.Cells[ i ].Value;

        two.Cells[ i ].Value = pivot;



So indexes don’t change, just values in cells one by one, as I understand.

How can I access all selected rows onbuttonclick, keep them in index array and swap one by one? Is it good idea, cos 

foreach (Row selectedRow in gridControl1.SelectedRows) {…} looks simple but throws InvalidOperationException if selection changes inside {…}.

I’m using unbound grid.

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