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There is in fact no such “out-of-the-box” feature.  However, it depends what you want to do.  If you simply want to copy values to the clipboard, you can do something like the following :

private void CopyToClipboard()


    // Create the DataObject that will be used during the copy/paste
    // operations.
    // We will only add the plain text DataFormat.
    // The cell values are separated by a TAB and the rows
    // are separated by a carriage return.
    // If you want to add other DataFormats (such as HTML),
    // you will need to create it and add it to the DataObject using
    // the SetData method with the appropriate DataFormat.

    DataObject data = new DataObject();

    string text = string.Empty;

    // We will only copy the row(s)/cell(s) values of the selected rows
    // which contain cells. Any other rows will be ignored.

    foreach( Row row in gridControl1.SelectedRows )


        if( row is CellRow )


            foreach( Cell cell in ( ( CellRow )row ).Cells )


                text += cell.Value.ToString() +



            text +=




    // Set our plain text DataFormat.


DataFormats.Text, text );

    // Copy the row(s)/cell(s) values of the selected rows to the clipboard.

    Clipboard.SetDataObject( data );


If you want drag and drop functionalities, we have a few samples you can look at which show how to do this.

http://www.xceedsoft.com/cs/download/XceedGrid/CSharp/Drag and drop samples.zip


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