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3- The SynchronizeDetailGrids property on the GridControl permits you to set different columns on each details when it is set to false.  So I think it would do what you want.

In addition, it is possible to place a GridControl within a cell.  If you look at the same editor sample I was referring to, the last cell of the Editor column is a GridControl.

4- The sample I referred to might not have been the best to demonstrate that, but the important thing to understand is that our DatePicker control does not support time, so you need to use a different control to display time.  So two different editors in the same column, as the sample demonstrates.  The other option is to use another control that support both date and time, and that will display properly according to the underlying data.

To demonstrate the first option (a DatePicker for date and another control for time), I have attached a sample giving a possible solution for this.  It is a sample that demonstrates the difference between the old editors (grid version 2.5 and down) and the new editors (grid version 3.0 and up).  If you concentrate only on the new editors, and look at “Date -1 Normal date edition” and at “Custom 1 -Time edition”, it should give you what you need.


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