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3- Not possible to have a different set of columns, except for the master row / detail row. Only solution is to use two different grids.


Hmm.. that’s disappointing.  I was thinking of perhaps using a dummy master row and then use the detail to create the actual groups.  However, upon investigating it looks like each master record uses the same detail row(s), so that kind of defeats the purpose unless I wish just hide the details i don’t want for each section, which seems rather inefficient.

Is there any way to embed a full grid within a grid cell?  If so, that’s a possible solution.  Multiple grids outside would be too difficult to manage given that their size would actually be variable.

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4- Each cell can have its own combination of editor and viewers, which allows you to do this.  We have a sample showing this, but you need to have the product installed on your machine to be able to see it.


Yes, i understand that.  I guess that wasn’t my question.  I was referring to the fact that my records look like this:

Date, Time, Foo, Bar

However, my pair rows have to look like this where Date and time are seperate columns but must sort of “superimpose” each other.

Row 0: Date | Foo | Bar
Row 1: Time | Foo | Bar

Thanks for the info on the first two items.

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