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1- Not possible.  Need to create business object, or do it unbound.

2- This could be, but will require you to derive from the current classes and create your own classes to handle this.  There is no out-of-the-box feature that will permit you to do this, so it will require a bit of work.  If you decide to go this way, we can provide a sample showing how to “play” with row borders.

3- Not possible to have a different set of columns, except for the master row / detail row. Only solution is to use two different grids.

4- Each cell can have its own combination of editor and viewers, which allows you to do this.  We have a sample showing this, but you need to have the product installed on your machine to be able to see it.

Look at the Rich Cell editors sample that you find in the Xceed Grid Live Explorer (Start Menu -> All Programs -> Xceed Components -> Our components in action! -> Xceed Grid Live Explorer).  Every editor/viewer in the “Editors” column is different in each row.

You will find the code here under XP:

C:\Program Files\Xceed Components\Xceed Grid for .NET <version>\Samples\CSharp\RichCellEditor

Under Vista, it will be here :

C:\Xceed Component Samples\Xceed Grid for .NET <version>\Samples\CSharp\RichCellEditor


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