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Other thing,
After creating all the columns I need to set a format to display each column’s data. In other places of my application (when I’m not creating the grid dynamically) the FormatSpecifier works fine, but now it doesn’t.

 Here is a code example

gridGap.Columns.Add(new DataBoundColumn(“Exposition”));
gridGap.Columns[“Exposition”].FormatSpecifier = “#,###,###,###,##0.0000 %”

after that I use the following commands:

gridGap.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
gridGap.ReadOnly = true;
gridGap.RowSelectorPane.Visible = false;
gridGap.AllowCellNavigation = false;              

gridGap.DataSource = AdsDadosGAPAtual;
gridGap.DataMember = dtbTabelaAtual.TableName;

Any ideas why the FormatSpecifier isn’t working?
My data is displayed exacly as it is shown in my datasource…

 Thanks again!

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