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Hi André,

I tried to do what you’ve told me to, but I’m getting the readonly or fixed size error.
Here, take a look at my code

ColumnManagerRow cmrHeader = new ColumnManagerRow(); // Header Row

//Reading the column names from the table and copying to the header row
foreach (System.Data.DataColumn col in dtbActualTable.Columns)
   if (MyResource.ResourceManager.GetString(col.ColumnName) != null)
      if (col.ColumnName == “Tax”)
          Xceed.Grid.DataCell cell = new Xceed.Grid.DataCell(“Tax (% a.a.)”);
          cmrHeader.Cells.Add(cell); // ERROR: Cannot add an item to a ReadOnly or FixedSize list.
          cell.Value = “Tax (% a.a.)”;
          //Here i tried a different method.
          cmrHeader.Cells.Add(new Xceed.Grid.DataCell(MyResource.ResourceManager.GetString(col.ColumnName))); // ERROR: Same error above

Do you know what am I doing wrong ?
Thanks in advance

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