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It should work fine with a DataView.  Here is a code snippet showing how to have the same column displayed in the DropDown as with the DisplayFormat in the TextBoxArea using a DataView :

//create DataView

DataView view = new DataView( this.northwindDataSet.Suppliers );

view.RowFilter =

“Country = ‘USA'”;

//Textbox = DisplayFormat, shows all columns, with DataView

WinComboBox comboCol = new WinComboBox( EnhancedBorderStyle.None );

comboCol.SetDataBinding( view,

“” );

comboCol.ValueMember =


comboCol.DisplayFormat =


foreach( ColumnInfo col in comboCol.Columns )


    if( col.Name != “CompanyName” )

    col.Visible =



gridControl1.Columns[ 0 ].CellEditorManager = new ComboBoxEditor( comboCol );


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