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Thats very nice but does not solve my problem (Your project works perfectly). Look at the code I posted and the questions, try implementing that … THIS is where the problem is. Your fixes do solve the bigger picture … probably … but I’m not there yet. I’ve modified your project to use a unbound dataset and then I seem to get the “invisible” cells issue. Lets try solve this first … and in code that we know doesn’t work.

1) I’ve implemented all your changes on my code and still get the problem (Invisible cells)

2) I’ve changed tons off things on your project and only seem to get the error once I start using a unbound dataset – switching back to bound data and all’s OK.

3) !!!! None of the events ever fire once the form is displayed, bound or unbound. Perhaps a painting issue .. I don’t know

Sooo – I’m not saying that a unbound dataset causes the problem or the paint event or anything for that matter. Try implementing your code/solution on my problem because it might be something completey different. Ex. you did not have the groups collapsed – This could have been the issue …..


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