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On my side, if I set UIVirtualizationMode to None, it works fine, that is, all values update correctly in the ValueRow, except that I need to also have a one time Application.Idle event, since the SummaryRow values are calculated so late that it is the only way to get the SummaryRow to update the ValueRow.

e.g. :

private void Form1_Load( object sender, EventArgs e )


    gridControl1.UIVirtualizationMode =


    Application.Idle += new EventHandler( First_Application_Idle );


//This runs only once, after the grid as loaded

void First_Application_Idle( object sender, EventArgs e )


    Application.Idle -= new EventHandler( First_Application_Idle );

    foreach( Group group in gridControl1.Groups )


        SummaryRow sumRow = group.FooterRows[ 0 ] as SummaryRow;

        ValueRow valueRow = group.FooterRows[ 1 ] as ValueRow;

        if( sumRow != null && valueRow != null )



“SupplierID” ].Value = sumRow.Cells[ “SupplierID” ].Value;



    //Time to subscribe to the ValueChanged event, so we can update the ValueRow accordingly


“SupplierID” ].ValueChanged += new EventHandler( Form1_ValueChanged );


However, I will investigate why the virtualization of cells brings this behavior of not updating all groups correctly.


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